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What is a SoyaVente Lifestyle?

I’m Cliff Shaluta – researcher, writer, college professor and organic farmer. I developed SoyaVente® Aromatherapy Mood Scents as the result of a serious car crash. After several years of experimentation, I discovered that a lifestyle including essential oils, a healthy diet, moderate exercise and meditation set the stage for my natural healing and enhanced well-being.

SoyaVente® is more than a business. It’s our passion! We created the LifeStyle Network as a way to share with you the latest research, news, books, and DVD’s about achieving a balance of mind, body, and spirit in your life.

SoyaVente® Aromatherapy Mood Scents are 100% natural and crafted in the USA to the highest therapeutic standards. Our products can be used individually or as part of a complete SoyaVente® lifestyle. They are available online in our Shoppe or from one of our select retail partners. Satisfaction guaranteed. You can learn more about our innovative fragrances here and at

We welcome any questions or comments you have about our mission or our products. Please contact me personally via our Contact Form or phone at (270) 991-6966 for immediate attention.

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