Is Yoga Right for You?

Yoga is often associated with health-conscious people who want to lose weight to get a fit body. But, yoga can be beneficial to nearly everyone in one form or another. When yoga was invented thousands of year ago, it was not about losing weight or getting a fit body. Yoga’s main aim then was to treat different types of muscle and joint pain. Yoga was later used as a meditation technique to help the brain and body relax to improve concentration.

Yoga can benefit people of any age. In fact, yoga can be used with children to help make their bodies more flexible when carefully supervised. Yoga, particularly stretching exercises, can be a great way to get relief from different muscle and joint pain for seniors. The use of yoga among seniors is growing faster than other age groups. So, yes! Yoga is right for you. Whether you are male or female, child, adult or senior, want to improve fitness level or treat joint pain, yoga can be a solution for you. Here are several reasons to help you decide for yourself.

1) Yoga Has Hundreds of Different Poses
You don’t need to be expert in yoga to get started because there many different poses to begin your journey. Starting with easy yoga poses will build your confidence and you will start seeing benefits from the practice. Most yoga poses do not just provide you with health benefits, they also enjoyable and convenient. You can do them anywhere at anytime. Yoga can be addicting!

2) Health Benefits
The second reason that why yoga may be right for you is the number of health benefits associated with yoga. People practice yoga to burn calories so they can lose weight. Some people do yoga after cardio-exercise to relax and stretch their muscles. Others find that yoga is just a great way to treat their muscle pain. Yoga can be a huge benefit in getting your body to recover after strenuous exercise, like weight lifting or yard-work. Making yoga a habit often leads to better health and an improved lifestyle.

3) Relieve Stress
Yoga can also help you to relieve stress after a long working day at office or home. Just few poses of yoga on an office chair can help you to get refreshed and release stress. Yoga does not require much time or special equipment to practice and its benefits multiply when combined with a healthy diet and aromatherapy.

Most communities have certified yoga instructors to get you started right. Yoga Alliance provides a terrific directory at

Yoga After 50?

Yoga classes are all the rage right now. But, is yoga right for every age? According to a recent NY Times article, yoga can be be great at most any age, but it’s more a question of adapting your technique to your age.

The article quotes Dr. Loren Fishman, a back-pain specialist in NY, who uses yoga in his rehabilitation practice. He says that “designed appropriately and taken in proper dose, it is certainly safe.” Dr. Fishman noted that aging brings impairments of range, motion, strength and balance that can require modifications, even among veteran yogis, like using the support of a chair or the wall for many poses.

With more baby-boomers practicing yoga, there is also a demand for older teachers who can better relate to an aging market. Once such group called Wisdom Warriors has been developed by Desiree Rumbaugh.