I’m Cliff Shaluta – researcher, writer, college professor and organic farmer. I developed SoyaVente® Aromatherapy Mood Scents several years ago as the result of a serious car crash. I’ve posted a pic of my car and an abbreviated version of my story below.


MRI’s, after my crash, supported the Dr.’s diagnosis of severe whiplash with bulging disks on C4 – C5 vertebrae in my neck. Never being big on pain killers, I made a commitment early on to avoid meds. Not sure why, but I believed that I would find a more holistic approach to my recovery. I meditated regularly in college. So, back to meditation I went. 20 minutes twice a day. I also began exercising again in earnest as part of my physical therapy. I was slowly improving. But, the changes were more in mental focus and a resolve to heal naturally. The neck pain was all too real and relentless. Months of chronic pain strained my relationships at work and at home. I read more and more about natural healing holding out for a solution. This became a true obsession. My only hope. Then, I discovered the field ofAromatherapy. The idea that essences distilled from plants could offer curative powers was certainly appealing, but not very realistic. Kinda tribal. I’m a college professor. I deal in facts, not magic. But, the more I read, the more interested I became.

I tested hundreds of essential oils as I studied the literature. First, in candles. Then, pure essences and finally lotions. As my neck pain diminished with regular meditation, basic Yoga, an improved diet, and the use of essential oils, I became aware that this combination of treatments was actually working for me. The essences enabled me to make the most of my time meditating and exercising. I was reaching a deeper level of relaxation than I had previously experienced without the essences. I could also use the essences in different forms to immediately trigger a relaxed state when a flair-up of pain occurred. Over time, the flare-ups happened less often and were much less distracting when they did occur.

My conclusion was that the combination of certain essences triggered different feelings or moods that enabled me to relax and heal naturally.* And I’m not alone. My research, over the past three years, has uncovered a number of academic studies and thousands of personal stories that support my experiences with natural plant essences. A lifestyle of daily meditation or prayer, moderate exercise with a focus on stretching, a natural diet, and the use of essential oils provides the right environment for natural healing. I also became convinced that essential oils can be easily integrated into most any lifestyle on a daily basis to control stress and to enhance personal well-being or happiness.

My journey to create SoyaVente® had begun. As the owners of a small family organic produce farm called Vivente Farms in Rockfield, KY, my wife Cynthia, and my daughter Bailey have always had a love for the land, the outdoors, and natural food. Developing a line of Aromatherapy products that would use only the freshest essential oils, all natural ingredients and simple packaging became our new mission. While this has not been an easy journey for us, I’m proud to say that we now offer three blends of Aromatherapy Mood Scents: Energy, Balance and Calm. Each mood scent is available in a pure, highly-concentrated, essential oil blend, an all-natural Soy Lotion, and a 100% natural GMO-free Soy Candle.

I hope you will spend some time reading more about our innovative fragrances. SoyaVente® is more than a business to us. It’s our passion. Please use our Contact Form if you have any questions about our mission or our products.

Much happiness.


*Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. External use only. Keep out of reach of children. Animal cruelty free. Satisfaction guaranteed.