Five Tips for a Healthy Diet

There are many different types of healthy diets and each of them has positives and negatives. Studies have shown that it’s not the specific diet that you follow as much as it is staying with the diet you choose that creates health benefits. Most people start reevaluating their diet after they become ill or received a poor checkup from their Doctor. That’s too late! According to Medical Health Research of America, more than 40,000 people die each year due to illness related to an unhealthy diet. That translates to more than 3 people diing every hour. This is a huge number and unfortunately, Americans make plenty of unhealthy diet choices.

Several different types of diets often come to mind. For example, a great deal has been written about the protein diet, low-carb diet (Adkins), gluten-free diet, low-calorie and the fat-free diet. The purpose of each of these diets is to introduce healthy food in your daily routine to help you feel and look better. I like to think of a diet as fuel for your body. The better the fuel, the better your mind and body will run!

Here are five tips for a healthy diet for those readers who want to make a change in their lives.

1) Avoid or Reduce Eating Unhealthy Food
The first rule of healthy diet is to stop eating unhealthy food. Simple enough. What is unhealthy food? Unhealthy food contains excess amounts of sugar, oil, fats and calories which do not provide your body any benefits. Foods that include refined sugar, excessive fat, processed snacks or baked goods, which often contain high fructose corn syrup are all proven to be unhealthy. Sure; they taste good. Food scientists use chemicals to create just the right taste that will make you want even more. Can you ever “just eat one?” A good rule is to eat your food as close to the source as possible. That means taking advantage of farmer’s markets popping-up all over the country.

2) Eat a Variety of Foods
The main motive of healthy diet is to get maximum nutrition from what you eat. Because, there is no single food in this world which can provide you with all the nutrition you need. You can only get that by eating a variety of foods. A balanced diet is recommended by most experts.

3) Count the Calories Before You Eat
The average person requires a minimum of 1500 calories to keep their body alive. Consuming more than 2500 calories daily is not necessarily bad. It’s more a function of how active you are. Marathon runners or long-distance bikers can consume thousands of calories daily, with little ill-effect because they burn them off. But, exceeding these limits if you are more sedentary is not healthy. So, the best way to control your calories is to start counting your calories before you eat them. Adjusting calories over time can make more improvement in your health than most anything else.

4) Drink Eight 8-Ounce Glasses of Water Daily 
Water is not really a food. But, it is a important part of healthy diet. Any diet plan is not complete without water. Water helps your diet in many ways. For example, water boosts the metabolic system and helps you feel full, which means that you are less likely to cheat on your healthy diet plan. Plus, water aids digestion of what you what you eat allowing toxins to leave your body as quickly as possible. A good thing!

5) Eat More High Protein Food
Protein is one of the most important nutrients, because it helps in so many ways. From building muscles to growing hair, protein contributes greatly to our overall heath. Increasing the intake of foods which contain protein is a good idea. Protein rich foods include fish, nuts, white meat, whole-grains and many vegetables. A healthy diet or eating healthy does not mean that you should cut all fats from your food. Fat is necessary to keep your body working as it should. But, how much and the type of fat you should eat depends on your daily physical conditions, activities and the overall diet you are following. Always see your Doctor if in doubt.

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